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This week’s verse is one that brings comfort and peace along with a challenge and a promise. It encompasses everything we need to be able to face this world we live in on a daily basis, and actually see clearly what happens when we trust and obey.

Do you ever feel like you are floundering around in your life? You wake up in the morning with an odd knot in your stomach, longing to stay in bed in order to avoid the decisions you have to make, the challenges you have to face, the questions you have to ask in your day? Are there those days when you just want to shut your eyes tight, bundle those blankets back around you and shut out the world?

This week’s verse is for THOSE days most of all.

But this verse is so much more. We live in a world that has so much that we can’t understand. So much that is unexplainable. So much that is confusing and scary and not what we think it should be. The Word of God is for us to cling to in this crazy world. It keeps us moving forward, and helps us find truth and peace when we can’t find it anywhere around us. God loves us so much, and he has such loving plans for us, and even as we go from day to day in a world of questions and confusions, we can always find direction in his Word and promises.

This week’s verse, Proverbs 3:5-6, is a clear and simple reminder that if we let the Lord be our guide, give him our lives, no matter what goes on in or around us, we have direction.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.

Look at how the verse clearly tells us to acknowledge the Lord in all our ways – we need to include him. To invite him into our lives and choices daily. And when we do, “He shall direct your paths.” We won’t be wandering or discombobulated. We will be FOLLOWING.

Trust is a hard thing. Trusting him “with all our heart”, is another step altogether. Maybe a difficult one. The very idea of not “leaning on our own understanding”, submitting or releasing ourselves to God, is something we have to work on. It’s a choice we have to make on a daily basis. To give power or control to God is frightening, even. But the best part is, when we do, we have a clear PROMISE of what will happen. He will direct our paths! We will have a direction. Maybe not in the way we would choose or even guess! But when we give God our heart and our trust, we can only be blessed. It’s freedom.

Have you experienced this freedom in your life? Trusted God with something and seen a blessing and a new hope?

I have. Over and over and over…..and I encourage us all to memorize this verse to remind us all that it’s possible. No, it’s GUARANTEED. See for yourself…