You Know Your Ministry Has Momentum When
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You Know Your Ministry Has Momentum When

At The Journey, we have been been running a ministry called Laundry Love for 6 months now.  It is part of a national movement to provide clean clothes for those in need.  On the 2nd Wednesday of each month we take over a couple of local Madison, WI laundromats and host a free laundry night for anyone and everyone who is there and has a need.  For the first few months people looked at us strangely, not understanding the catch.  They couldn’t fathom that someone would meet such a basic need without there being something in it for them.

Each month we would see a few more people taking us up on our offer.  Thirty loads became forty five loads of laundry.  This last session we washed a new record of 95 loads of laundry!  It has been such a blessing to be able to serve each one of these families.   Some of them have told us that they had been unable to afford to wash their clothes for several months.  That is why we do what we do.

Today, I received a letter in the mail.


Thanks for using our laundromat for Laundry Love.

The Neighborhood on Fish Hatchery really appreciates the free wash and dry.

See you next month!

Rog and Nancy

Rog and Nancy are the couple that built the laundromat where Laundry Love takes place.  If any one was skeptical of what we were doing at first it was them.  A strange phone call from a guy that wants to turn his laundromat into a carnival atmosphere once a month.  It took a while for them to get used to the idea.  Each month we were consistently there and consistently feeding quarters into their machines.  Now they look forward to the 2nd Wednesday.  They have become so impressed with the way we are serving the community that they decided with their letter to include a $50 donation towards Laundry Love!  That is enough to cover about 30 loads next month!

Laundry Love has been so full of testimonies, but this one may be my favorite.  We are impacting families in need, but to hear a vote of confidence like the one we received today from Rog and Nancy – that’s how we can tell we really have momentum!